55er: Hindrance

For once, it didn't have to wade through a sea of vehicles.
For once, the little traffic that there was, made way.
For once, there was no chaos at signals.
And yet, by the time the ambulance reached the hospital, it was too late.
Culprit: Way too many speed breakers, and the seriously impedimentary potholes.

This Friday, on near-empty roads, I was driving to office. An ambulance rushed past me, but the poor fellow couldn't make much progress. I found myself almost on the tail of the flashing lights for the next 5 minutes. It was sad to see the vehicle slow down every 10 metres to negotiate speed-breakers or potholes.

Who is to blame if a patient does not reach hospital in time in such cases? Do we give a thought to emergency situations when we design such grand Himalayan-esque speed breakers?

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