Guess How Many Are In The Fray in My Constituency?

THIRTY SEVEN .. no less. Don't believe me? Check for the number of candidates contesting from Bangalore Central (for example - at this site).

I'm wondering what percentage of the total votes cast will the winner garner! And I'm wondering what will be the share of the winner as a percentage of the total number of eligible voters in the constituency (taking into account a 60-70 percent voter turn-out).

World's largest democracy ki Jai Ho!

4 comments to Guess How Many Are In The Fray in My Constituency?

  • Not everyone out of 37 will even get their security back, sabki zamanat zabt ho jayegi

  • Now that's funny and bloody serious too... ! If you divide it by total number of voters, May be not even 5% of voters decide the winner... !! :((

  • I don't know about your constituancy.Yes I can tell you,BJP and Congress put together did not get a total of 50%votes for the 14 th Lok Sabha elections.I am very certain even this time they will not get 50%.They will still form the Govt.So much for thye democratic system

  • @Deepak: You are right. There are about two dozen independents. I am curious to see how many of them will even get their deposits back. In spite of that, I think the winner might not get more than 30% of the total eligible votes.

    @PC: Well, 5% is an extreme case scenario. But I am seeing around 30% as the winner's share (and thats an optimistic estimate!)

    @BK Chowla: Sir, Thanks for pointing out that important statistic. So there we are - in short the total number of votes polled by the 272 candidates would be nowhere close to 50%!

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