A Hate Speech Of My Own

The season of hate speeches is here. Every party worth its salt has had one by now. How can I be left behind? So here I present my own little hate speech:

"If anybody uses violence-laden or hate speeches in the run-up to the elections, we will cut/slit/chop/slash their lifelines - their power. Yes, we will see to it that not a single person who resorts to hate-speeches comes anywhere close to climbing the stairs of the Parliament. We do not need a even one such person to run our country. We will send them to the political slaughterhouse where they will meet their political grave!"

I'm sure the various competing parties will pick on me for giving this hate speech. And Election Commission might be forced to poke its nose too. However, I seek support from you, the reader to ensure that the parties and EC do not deter me from going ahead with this "Hate Campaign".

Can I count on your support?

2 comments to A Hate Speech Of My Own

  • hey kiran,
    yes you can count on support, but in return I need your vote against these politicians if not for someone good.

  • Yes I will support you as once you reach the parliament,we will have no choice like it is now.

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