Notes from Debutant Voter

I voted this morning! This is the first time I have cast my ballot – even though I have been eligible twice before.

During LS 2004, I ran from pillar to post to get my name of the voters' list but to no avail. During Karnataka assembly polls in 2008; I was solely to blame for not voting. I had taken a vacation after a very long time and did not want to “waste”my vacation by staying back in Bangalore! A (very) stupid excuse, I now realize in hindsight.

So what exactly am I feeling now, after having pressed the blue button?

  • Relief, that I have performed my duty and that my responsibility ends here?

  • Elation, for I can now crib about anything and everything, without pricking my conscience; since I have now earned the right to crib?

NO and NO.

I am feeling excited; for having taken the first concrete step towards being a responsible citizen. Of course, I believe that the other steps (blogging, creating awareness) etc do matter – but casting my vote is the first active step (the operative phrase being “active”).

I am feeling eager – in anticipation of all that I have to look forward to in the coming years.

I am feeling confident, that we the youth can turn around the state of affairs on its head in the next decade by participating whole-heartedly in administration and governance.

Cheers to that thought. Hoping for an India cleansed of its political garbage. JAI HIND.


As an afterthought, how does one decide who to vote for? Obviously, it depends on the situation. Here's how I took the decision:

  1. First, check if any of the alternative parties are contesting in my constituency. If so, analyze them and choose the best among them.

  2. If there are no candidates from any of the “new-age parties”, then do a thorough study of all the candidates who are contesting (including the Independents) – their history, whether there are any criminal cases against them, their assets, their manifesto. If I find any of them satisfactory, I zero in on that candidate.

  3. If they are all the same (read “useless”), then do the next best thing – vote for the candidate from that party which I think is the better among the worst.

I know what you're thinking – what did I choose finally? I'm not telling – its a secret ballot remember :D. I'm not even disclosing how many steps I had to step through in the above process before I arrived at a conclusion ;)

11 comments to Notes from Debutant Voter

  • Every single vote matters,especially that of youngsters like yourselves.Change can come about only if we vote and then we can actually have the right to criticise, non-performance of the Govt.Let us wait for 16 th May.

  • Good Job as far as voting goes!

    I remem the 1st time i dad would talk (teach) about current affiar EVERY evening since abt 15 days before the election n then on D-day as he drove us..he said it a 100 times "think n vote.ur vote might be the one thats making the difference" . n thats actually so true

    Anyways the party i voted for, lost elections that year :(

  • u voted for BJP Mr.Bean..cause Kamal is our National Flower and anyways the hand has no use for self-service to u.. pardon my humour...

  • @BK Chowla: I completely embrace that train of thought. Every single vote counts. I am kind of disappointed that only 50% of Bangalore turned out to vote, especially because we have no fear of Naxals, heat-wave, snow, rain - nothing at all!

    @Pavi: My dad tells me the same thing too! And hey, whether your party lost or won - you cast your vote, which means you have the right to demand the Govt to perform, to be accountable and so on. I wouldn't be sad if I were you.

    @Napster:1) This post is not a "Guess who I voted for and win exciting prizes" contest :)
    2) Maybe you did not read the article I linked to in point 1 of the "procedure to determine what party to vote for". Please go read it.

    And hey - maybe I did vote for BJP .. Maybe I did not. As I said - I am NOT telling.

  • I have a different opinion about choosing the candidate, just differing from your first point that, look for all the new-age parties, which might not be a good option in this times when there are high chances of hung parliament.
    Trying to choose right candidate from the national parties will help in saving effort, time and money in satisfying allies and that can be used for welfare purpose.
    Anyways, that's my opinion, and that's how I chose the one whom I voted for.

  • Congrats and thanks for voting.


  • Congratulations and yes voting is only the first step.

  • Hey,say after doing a thorough analysis,if you still find that none of the candidates contesting from your constituency are worth your vote, you could just go up to the Polling Officer and tell him-You dont want to vote. I read in one of the Goan newspapers that the Election Commission provides a separate form that the voter has to fill up for such cases. Its a better thing to do than staying home & not voting coz you are atleast letting them know what you feel. I donot know however what EC would actually do if a large number of people hand over such forms.

  • @ di:

    i know it did come in a goan newspaper. but d facility was not available in this election. i guess it might start from next election or something. but its going to be a long time before the % of " none of the above" becomes greater than the candidates votes. its politics darling.......a lot goes in there! :)

  • @ deepak:

    i too believe we shouldnt go for a hung parliament but it is that much true that we need new thought, new people and a new ideology!

    its a tough decision though!

  • @Deepak: I think we have very few chances of finding the "right" candidate from existing parties. Even if we do find a well-intentioned candidate, chances are that he/she will be forced to toe the line of his/her party anyways. And just look at the agendas of existing parties - they are all designed to doom the country. That is the reason I consider this as a last choice.

    @Di: A lot has been written about 49-O .. although I have been reading conflicting views about it. The main grouse against this is that majority of the polling booths do not have the facilities to exercise 49-O. Further, it cannot be used in booths which have EVMs.

    But just the same, its good to spread awareness about 49-O. We citizens should actually demand this option in upcoming elections.

    @JSincro: I agree and I agree :)

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