Tell Me Why ...

I recently came across this song titled "Tell Me Why" by Declan Galbraith. Wikipedia tells me that this song was released back in 2002, even before the singer had turned 11!

The lyrics of this song are available here .

I simply loved this song and its message. It was really clever of whoever was the brain behind this song to get a 11 year old to sing it. I wish the "leaders" around the world would see this song and if they have any conscience at all, wake up to reality - of what they are doing to this world. Its not too late to set things right - but if world affairs continue to go the way they are going, who knows the "too late to do anything" phase might dawn before we even realize it.

I have watched several movies in this "genre" before and have been left impressed by them - but never before has a song given me the goosebumps (at least in the context of world harmony) as this, and the Earth Song by Michael Jackson (lyrics here).

Hoping for the World to come to its senses and realize that we have got only One Earth, One World. Hoping that if the leaders of the world don't see light, at least the people of the world unite in this mission to preserve their only collective Home.

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  • I agree with you .I have been waiting for the world leaders to actually realse one earth-oneworld.I am still hopeful.

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