No Modernization Please!

The Samajwadi Party has announced its intent to abolish the use of computers in new projects and to ban English in education. I totally support this move. Our nation has been progressing too fast. It is time to slow down, take a U-turn and march towards the 11th Century. In fact, I propose the following as items on the agenda of SP for the 2014 elections:

  1. Manufacturing of automobiles should be banned.

This will serve two purposes – One, it will give employment to the porters who can use the traditional “palki”s to transport people (especially those like Mulayam Singh Yadav himself) from point A to point B. Two – it will give employment to millions of bullocks and oxen in the country – since bullock carts will be the primary mode of transportation.

  1. Telecommunication of all forms (phones, TV, radio) should be banned.

Yes. Don't you know that all these forms of telecommunication are snatching the livelihood of the 11th-century style messengers? Remember those messengers who used to stand atop hilltops and shout out messages to the messengers on the next hilltop? Don't you want to ensure their employment as well?

  1. Security Agencies should be banned.

How selfish can we Indians get? Do we not care about the employment of the dogs in our country? These security companies are stealing the bread-and-butter from the millions of dogs of our nation. What kind of nation is it which cannot even ensure employment of its strays?

And this list is just indicative. By no means is it the complete list – remember, we are talking an election manifesto here. These points are just the highlights.

Your suggestions to make India the superpower of 10 centuries ago are welcome. We will try to get them incorporated into the SP agenda for 2014. JAI BHARATH.

4 comments to No Modernization Please!

  • 4. I don’t like politics..i really don’t ! n So I don’t read any news/blogs related to politics…
    Xcept last year when the African-american, woman comby struck usa…n the soccer-mom came in like an icing on the cake! I couldn’t resist the temptation to read, know, have an opinion and voice it.
    Ooops, I’m digressing…so when I saw this post on my blogger n read “Samajavadi party”, I almost closed it without reading the details..but I ended up reading the 1st line and so obviously had to read the post completely!
    Reallly! Do SUCH dumb ppl xsist in the world..! They are allowed to contest and may even have support from some people.. Really??? It scares me, so much that I couldn’t smile inspite of the excellent humor in this post. I shudder to think about the future of my country..our country!

  • @Pavi: Yes .. not only do such people exist and are allowed to contest - they also win by comfortable margins! And hey .. they are not even close to dumb .. its just their way of fooling (manipulating, if I may) the uneducated people to vote for them.

    You see .. they have to be innovative .. think different .. so while the larger parties are exploiting more urgent issues like terrorism, economy, farmers' concerns etc .. these smart-asses are trying to create a niche for themselves with this agenda!

  • bahut hi kutti cheez hai yeh mulayam singh, mujhe agar law 1 khoon maaf kare to, mulayam ki jaan lekar main apne haath saaf karu.
    Sorry for using such a language, but what to do, yeh jaanwar hai hi aisa... computer ka use band kar do, so that na rahega baas, na bajegi basuri, because being everything computerized, he is not able to do as much as dhandhli he used to before, and many more such things.
    Utha le re bhagwan, aise logo ko utha le...
    SP is the most communal and reginal party, they should be refrained from getting any vote, but for that indian citizens have to understand and vote accordingly.

    Now I started hating Sanjay Dutt after he had gone towards SP. Listen to his speeches and comments, pura soch kar politics main utra hai.

  • i simply loved ur post!

    its hilarious, and it also puts the point across!

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