Bacha Baz: Afghanistan's Dirty Secret

If you thought stoning of women was the worst social evil prevalent in Afghanistan, think again. If this article titled "Afghanistan's Dirty Little Secret" is to be believed [link], that country is probably the paedophile capital of the world. Add to it, the fact the the victims are mostly boys; and the fact that the older men flout their boys with pride. They even have a term for it – Bacha Baz which literally means “boy player”.

The article also describes dance parties where boys are dressed up as girls and leered on by men probably twice their age. This reminds me of the closing chapters of “The Kite Runner” by Khaled Hosseini. When I had read that book, I had thought that the author has depicted a one-off incident. Little did I know that he was trying to tell the world about the truth!

The ending of the article is what makes me despair.
As one boy, in tow of a man he called "my lord," told the Reuters reporter: "Once I grow up, I will be an owner, and I will have my own boys."
Why can't the world spare its children all these forms of abuse? Why?

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