Disaster Relief: Aid Acceptance Questions

Talk of India's donation to Pakistan's flood relief has been going on for days now (latest news item being this). Questions that pose themselves as I read this article:

One: Tomorrow, if the Naxals offer a multi-crore rupee package for some natural disaster in India, would we accept? Should we accept? Remember – this is about perception, and not about the facts. According to Pakistan's perception, India is probably a greater threat to Pakistan, than Naxals are to India.

Two: Do the masses who are actually facing the wrath - the nameless, faceless victims – give a rat's a**e about any of the politics that goes behind the donation? For a person whose life is shattered, whose livelihood has disappeared overnight, does the source of the donation matter? Should it matter?

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  • We all know that these donations are a political scoring point.If the GOI is so concerned, has it extended help to Manipuris who are suffering due to economic blockade by the Nagas?

  • To answer your question - "Tomorrow, if the Naxals offer a multi-crore rupee package for some natural disaster in India, would we accept? Should we accept?"
    I am not answering from my point of view, but trying to answer which may be politically correct - "Yes, we may accept, we should accept, because Naxals are our own people, that's that politicians have been telling".
    Actually speaking, India has a larger threat from naxals, ulfas, MNS people, other riot-inducing people, caste-based groups, religion based groups, region based groups. In India, destruction caused by all these internal people is far more more than caused by terrorists or any outsiders. Think it again, check all the facts, you will find it very true.

  • BK Chowla: True - it does seem to be a political scoring point. What is sad though is that Pak is not even accepting donation from individuals from India

    @Deepak: Hmm - I think I got to agree with you there.

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