If You Cant Beat 'Em, Disgrace 'Em

For all the myths about “healthy competition” in capitalist countries, reality has been exposed time and again. Every so often, some senator makes statements which accurately describe how intolerant American law-makers are towards competition from Asian countries, and how impotent they are in fairly dealing with such competition.

Well, here is one such statement, likening one of India's most respected IT companies to a “chop-shop”. The senator seems to believe in the old adage with a twist - “If you can't beat 'em, disgrace 'em”. It remains to be seen what repercussions this statement has; but knowing businesses and people, and what they think about dumb senators and their loud mouths; I'd be surprised if there is any implication at all.

2 comments to If You Cant Beat 'Em, Disgrace 'Em

  • It is the sign of Asian power which growing, but the Americans could be more respectful towards India's most respected company.

  • My comments on your posts seem to disappear within hours??

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