A Tribal Teen, Against Hundreds of Molesters

This incident is shocking beyond words. The very fact that we allowed it to occur is a shame on us, our culture and our society. I dare people who always take refuge in “But, we have the best culture, tradition ….. blah blah …” to explain this.

The saddest part of it all is that there is no way to ensure there won't be a repeat of such blasphemous incidents. After all there is safety in numbers. If the offenders numbered a handful, then they could be brought to justice. If three whole villages turned molesters, then who has the guts to take on such a mob?

4 comments to A Tribal Teen, Against Hundreds of Molesters

  • Very sad, this is the only thing I can comment here, no words :-(

    Hey, remove your "No access to internet" auto-comment from "Leave a comment" section :-)

  • Question is, there are laws in the country, so why are those laws not being implemented?

  • Horrible story. I am nauseous. There was no decent man in the entire crowd? There were no woman to stop it? Which age do we live in?

  • @Deepak: Indeed
    @BK Chowla: I think in this case it is more than laws. It is about collective mindset (which is a polite term for mob mentality). There are certain things that shouldn't happen - whether there's a law or not. This is one of them
    @Richa: I don't know whether one (or a few) decent men or women could have done anything at all to prevent this from occurring.

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