Of Dress Codes, Teachers and Punches

If you are among those who support a dress code in educational institutes citing the uniformity and discipline it brings about, read about this incident where a male teacher punched his female colleague for wearing a Salwar to work.

Now you know the real reason for dress codes – it is the easiest way for the authorities to wield their power over the “masses”, or for men to assert their dominance over women. I can imagine the ecstasy that, say, the principal of an Engineering college in Bangalore, might be experiencing when he decrees that students are not allowed to wear round-neck T-shirts on campus. He is well aware that the rule is unfair and unreasonable. So do the students. But the very thought of the students being powerless to do anything about it – boy, that feeling must be almost orgasmic.

Cheers to our education system and to our respected, honorable “pioneers” in this field.

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2 comments to Of Dress Codes, Teachers and Punches

  • There is nothing wrong with having a dress code.We had that in schools.All the law enforcing agencies follow a dress code.
    Most important is that it should not be an excuse for it to be misused.

  • @BK Chowla: Of course - dress code in schools is acceptable. But extending it to college? And being unfair? (How's a round next T-shirt indecent?)

    And of course - cases like the one mentioned in this post, where the dress code has been used as an excuse to abuse the staff. How does one explain that?

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