Complex Medical Problems? Head to India

I always knew that medical tourism was big in India. I know how Europeans and Americans choose to have stuff like dental reconstruction done in India – since it is cheaper here. Heck, it is so expensive in their countries that getting it done in India gives them the extra money for the “bonus” vacation – the cost of surgery in India + the travel expenses + 5 start hotel for over a week – it all works out to be far more economical than getting things done in their own countries!

However, today's news puts India's medical prowess in a new light, with a 65-year old American getting his heart transplanted in India. This, after doctors in US had told him that he “would return in a coffin”. We've read about heart surgeries and transplants performed by Indian surgeons on children from Pakistan or patients from African countries. But an American heading to India for such treatment – only speaks volumes about the skill and know-how of our doctors and surgeons.

I feel our medical fraternity doesn't get the recognition it deserves. Let us hope such incidents change that.

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  • I have had a personal experience visiting a heart specialist.We have amongst the best surgeons in the world but like in any other area, there are rotten apples here too.

  • "there are rotten apples here too." That's the problem, I think. With a population as big as India's, there are going to be exceptional doctors, but there will also be frauds and con artists.

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