I-Day Rant

My favourite day of the year is August 16th – a day after Independence Day. Let me explain.

During the build-up to I-Day, there's a gradual increase in the intensity of the patriotic sentiment. It starts off as a ripple 2 weeks before the day; and on the eve, it is a full-fledged wave – even a Tsunami. There's an overdose of patriotic movies on TV. Every damned reality show, news channel and serial injects an element of desh-prem into its veins. Every business worth it's salt has an ad in the newspapers wishing everyone a very Happy Independence Day. Politicians are busy giving speeches reminding us about our achievements.

And I, being my competitive self, am forced to jump onto the bandwagon. As a businessman, I am forced to issue an ad in the newspapers. As a politician, I am forced to be louder than the other guy in my praise for what we established during the past year. As a TV show producer, I have no choice but to twist the story a bit to include I-day celebrations in there. And it all reaches a crescendo on 15th August.

However, come dawn of 16th August, I can finally stop pretending. I get relief from the rhetoric. I can get back to bleeding my country in whatever way I was at the beginning of August. And that is why I eagerly await 16th August.

Wishing you all a Happy Independence Day. And a happier post-Independence-Day.

2 comments to I-Day Rant

  • Well Said dude.... I'm tired with the same. Seeing people change within split seconds... and how could you forget these MNC's having a ethnic celebration around this time? Worth a think...

  • Anonymous

    Well said bro...
    Completely agree with you

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